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Middlesex Water Company Partners with Origin Consulting to Complete Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management Upgrade

On Monday September 17, 2018 Middlesex Water Company (MWC) went live with Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management Version

The project consisted of upgrading MWC’s legacy v1.5.0.21 to the newest Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management version, along with upgrading to Oracle Utilities Field Work Integration PIP (FWPIP) v12.1 and transitioning MWC’s many screen customizations to the web-based client (Hybrid MCP).

Origin Consulting’s functional architects worked with MWC’s business owners to leverage new features that allowed several historically manual processes to be automated. In addition, the team leveraged the more robust capabilities of the Scheduler to revamp MWC’s scheduling practices which drove more efficient management of work across the MWC crew team. As a result, MWC was able to realize many operational efficiencies with the upgrade to v2.3.0.2.

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Origin Consulting, LLC hires new Executive Vice President of Advanced Services

LAS VEGAS, NV— (PRWEB – September 10, 2018) – Origin Consulting, LLC is pleased to announce the hiring of Edward ‘Ted’ Nolte as Executive Vice President of Advanced Services. Ted joins Origin with over 30 years of experience in the Energy and Utilities Industry.  As a member of Origin’s Executive Team, Ted’s primary focus will be to develop and introduce new service offerings.

“We are delighted to have Ted as a member of the firm,” said Scott Shirley, President of Origin Consulting, LLC. “Ted’s presence at Origin is an important part of our plan to expand our firm’s capabilities and introduce new solutions that add value for our clients.”

In his most recent work experience, Ted led the Customer Engagement practice for Utilligent, a boutique management consulting firm, where he sold and managed the delivery of some of the largest engagements in the firm’s history. Prior to Utilligent, Ted ran the Telecom, Energy and Cable vertical at Experian selling data and software solutions to various companies. Ted also held the position of CIO at Direct Energy, a major energy retailer and was a founder and senior leader of Bass & Company. In his new role with Origin, Ted is focused on bringing solutions to market in the areas of Robotic Process Automation as well as Data Sciences and Analytics.

"I'm really excited to have the opportunity to join the accomplished and disciplined professionals at Origin and introduce leading edge technologies and solutions to our clients.  These are exciting and challenging times for our industry and I'm thrilled to play a part in the transformation with a firm that shares this perspective."

Origin Consulting, LLC is a leading professional consulting services provider for the Energy and Utilities Industry serving utilities nationwide for more than a decade.

The Las Vegas based consulting firm is a trusted advisor and the go-to experts for implementing and supporting the utility business applications core to the operations of their clients.

Visit originconsults.com to learn more about Origin Consulting, LLC and follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date on our latest progress.

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Green Mountain Power and Origin Consulting Successfully Upgrade Oracle MWM

Phase one of the MWM upgrade project consisted of upgrading MWM from version 2.2 to version 2.3. The latest major release of the Mobile Workforce Management application from Oracle offered highly anticipated new features and functionality.

For this phase of the project, Origin completed the development required to transition to the new Oracle mobile app for field crews, as well as the upgrade to service pack 2. GMP and Origin’s relationship  has always been based on the foundation of collaboration. Collectively the team was able to deploy service pack 2 and complete user acceptance testing which culminated in a smooth and successful go live deployment.

As a result of moving to the Mobile Communication Platform (MCP), GMP is now able to run the Mobile Application natively on their iOS devices. This results in a reduction in overhead costs associated with virtual desktop solutions implemented to support the legacy version of MWM on mobile devices.  In addition, GMP will solve a significant challenge of limited connectivity while in the field with the ability to work in offline mode using MCP. This will allow field workers to continue completing assigned work in MWM while working in rural areas with limited network coverage. Auto-syncing will then occur when field workers return to network access.

Shelly Hendee, Project Manager at GMP commented, “I just want to give a big Thanks you to EVERYONE – this was the smoothest, most efficient upgrade cutover I think I have ever experienced!  This is pretty amazing with such a small team taking on such a big project.”

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City of Jackson, MS Engages Origin for Operational Stabilization Effort

City of Jackson Engages Origin for Operational Stabilization Effort - Siemens, Inc. and the City of Jackson, Mississippi engaged Origin Consulting, LLC to perform a Meter-to-Cash Operational Stabilization program.  The effort included a comprehensive assessment of the city’s Meter-to-Cash business processes as well as the remediation of billing and meter issues impacting approximately 21,000 customer billing accounts.  Origin’s business team coordinated with The City of Jackson, Siemen’s Inc. and Mueller Systems to categorize and prioritize the outstanding meter issues that directly impact the remediation of the billing issues.  

Origin’s Project Manager, Beth Maxwell explained,  “The project was multifaceted; the Origin Team worked closely with the city’s Billing Team to prioritize and correct nearly 21,000 accounts in the Customer Care & Billing System.  Concurrently, our team was key in collaborating with staff from The City and Mueller to analyze and coordinate the field activities required to correct the billing issues and invoice the customer.”

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Origin Opens Dallas Office to Support Expansion Plans

Origin Opens New Dallas Office - On June 4, 2018, Origin officially opened its Dallas office.  "The firm has a natural accumulation of leaders in the Dallas area; so it makes complete sense to open a physical space," said Scott Shirley, Origin's President.  "With this leadership in Dallas, the firm will use the new office as our hub for training and business expansion".  

Come visit us!

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Origin Teams with Enstar at CS Week 2018

Origin Consulting at CS Week 2018 - Origin Consulting was honored to co-present with ENSTAR Natural Gas on the topic of, “Leveraging Benefits of e-Notifications to Improve Customer Correspondence.” Christina Veltkamp (ENSTAR) and Sheila Dandal (Origin) shared an overview of how ENSTAR is using digital channel integration to improve customer communications and drive operational efficiency.  

Origin, in partnership with ENSTAR and Selectron, developed and delivered an integrated digital communication platform that replaces letters and postage with outbound calls, emails, and texts. This new solution provides ENSTAR with a vehicle to drive more efficient and timely communication with its customers and is another example of how Origin helps clients maximize business benefits from its technology investments.

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Canyon Lake Water Service selects Origin Consulting to Lead Oracle Utilities Software Implementation

Canyon Lake Water Service, a San Jose Water company, has selected Origin Consulting to implement Oracle Utilities CC&B and MWM.

Origin Consulting is leading the effort to replace Canyon Lake Water’s legacy customer information system with Oracle’s CC&B system and Mobile Workforce Management.  By moving to CC&B and MWM, Canyon Lake expects to realize benefits across people, process and technology.  Canyon Lake Water will leverage the knowledge and experience of its sister company’s employees already live on the Oracle Utilities solution to provide mentoring as well as back-office support in the event of unforeseen personnel emergencies. 

In addition, the business departments of the sister companies will be able to strategize to find creative solutions to issues facing their customers.  Canyon Lake Water also expects the migration to the Oracle solution will result in a lower total cost of ownership resulting from lowered IT operations costs and reduced system maintenance costs.

Mark Black
Artesian Water Selects Origin Consulting to Lead Upgrades of MWM and CC&B

Artesian Water Company, a provider of contract water and wastewater services with water and sewer service line protection plants in Delaware, Cecil County, Maryland and Pennsylvania, has selected Origin Consulting to lead an upgrade of their Oracle Utilities CCB and Mobile Workforce Management solutions.   

Artesian selected Origin Consulting as their service provider based upon Origin’s demonstrated expertise within the water utility industry, product knowledge, and proven project success.   

When started, the project will include:

  • Migration to CCB 2.6 and MWM 2.1.3
  • Transition of COBOL to Java
  • XAI to IWS
  • Oracle DB upgrade to 12c
  • Migration from Windows OS to Linux OS

Artesian expects to achieve a lower total cost of ownership resulting from enhanced technology gains as well as adoption of robust software functionality.

Mark Black
Origin Consulting Leads Modesto Irrigation District to Successful GoLive of Oracle Utilities Suite

Modesto Irrigation District (MID), a provider of electric, irrigation, and water treatment services in California’s Central Valley, completed a successful launch of Oracle’s Utilities software as well as Origin Consulting’s MobileLite solution on September 5, 2017.  

The ‘Connect’ project, led by Origin Consulting, included:

  • Implementation of Oracle’s CC&B v2.5, MDM v2.1, and CSS v2.1 - Through the use of Oracle’s solution, MID has been able to deliver an enhanced billing system in addition to other key features and functions.  
  • Origin’s MobileLite solution - MobileLite establishes real-time connectivity via CC&B to the field, provides offline functionality, and supports either stand-alone electronic order management or a combination of paper/electronic work orders.

Origin Consulting has partnered with MID to provide ongoing support through 2018.

For additional information on Origin Consulting’s MobileLite solution, please email mobileLite@originconsults.com

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Origin Expands Development Operations in Manila - Origin Technology Center

Origin Consulting is expanding the service offerings of its off-shore development center to create the Origin Technology Center.    In addition to providing technical-design and development services, Origin’s senior industry experts will provide cost-effective business process analysis and solution design.  With expertise spanning multiple versions of the Oracle Utilities application suite, the Technology Center resources provide review and remediation of customizations, an integral step within an upgrade project.

Over the last four years, Origin has focused on reducing costs associated with maintaining internal development and Solution Lab environments by taking advantage of Infrastructure as a Service offerings.  With the deployment and procedural standards perfected, the Origin Technology Center now offers hosted, non-production application instances.  This service offering will allow Origin’s customers to reduce infrastructure costs, reduce environment management costs, and improve operational efficiency. 

To learn more about the Origin Technology Center or hosted services, please contact info@originconsults.com

Mark Black
Middlesex Water Company and Origin Consulting kick off MWM, FWPIP Upgrades

Today, Origin Consulting kicked off its engagement with Middlesex Water Company (MWC) in Middlesex, NJ to upgrade Oracle’s MWM, FWPIP, as well as transition MWC’s operating systems from Windows to Linux.  This project will move the utility forward from MWM v1.5 to v2.3, which is a significant upgrade.  Glenn Martin, Origin’s MWM Solution Architect remarked, “Across these versions, the MWM product has changed in almost every conceivable way – from the user interface to the underlying framework.” Concurrently, Origin and Middlesex will upgrade the current version of FWPIP, enhancing integration across all MWC’s Oracle products - CC&B, MWM, and WAM.

Corey Labor, Origin’s Group Vice-President working with Middlesex, said “Origin is delighted to have the opportunity to work with Middlesex and demonstrate our expertise across these products.”

Mark Black
Origin Plays Major Role in OUC’s Migration from PSERM to CC&B 2.5

OUC took advantage of the long weekend during July 4th to convert their production CIS from PeopleSoft ERM to CC&B v2.5.  In conjunction with CC&B, OUC brought forward their version of Oracle MDM to v2.1.  Origin will remain in support mode with the new production systems for the next 60 days, officially continuing in the role of Managed Services on September 1, 2017.

Origin Consulting supported OUC’s business and technical teams in many ways over the last several years as this project progressed. As many as 12 professionals from our firm were engaged at Go-Live.   Below are a few of the areas where Origin contributed to OUC’s successful cutover.

1.          OUCCS (implementing about 20 new API’s)

2.          Report Development

3.          Chilled Water Enhancements

4.          Attachment Solutions

5.          MDM: Solutions, Configuration, and Business Process

6.          CC&B: Solutions, Configuration, and Business Process

7.          UAT Testing guidance

8.          Parallel Billing Testing guidance

9.          Bill Print re-design (for the legacy PeopleSoft ERM)

10.        Bill Print (for CCB 2.5)

OUC executives characterized Origin’s team as wise, experienced, involved and courteous…. great attributes of a great team.


Mark Black
Golden State Water Cutover with 1st Implementation of Oracle Cloud MWM 2.3 in U.S. with CC&B v2.4

Origin Consulting assisted Golden State Water Company (GSWC) as they implemented Cloud MWM 2.3.  In conjunction with MWM 2.3, GSWC implemented the FWPIP integrating with the client’s on-premise implementation of Customer Care & Billing (CC&B v2.4).

Five professionals from Origin Consulting supported the GSWC team with their responsibilities during the implementation, providing a full range of support.   

  • Providing MWM demos for the project team and steering committee
  • Co-Leading configuration workshops
  • Leading business process design sessions
  • Leading enhancement solution design and delivery using Origin’s off-shore development center
  • Supporting the PMO with planning and scheduling
  • Supporting critical issues between Golden State and Oracle
  • Supporting Testing and Training
  • Supporting Cutover and support
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Upgrade Successful! Green Mountain Power and Origin Consulting Upgrade Mobile Workforce Management

Green Mountain Power, supported by Origin Consulting, successfully completed their upgrade of MWM from v2.2 to v2.3.  The upgrade project completed this past weekend, successfully migrating to production on Monday, June 12th, 2017.

The upgrade employs a two-phase approach, phase one completing last weekend and phase two targeted to begin later in 2017 or early in 2018.

Phase 1 - the upgrade and customization work, and

Phase 2 - service pack upgrade and migration to MCP.

In addition to the technical upgrade, the Origin team re-wrote GMP’s MWM screen customizations to ensure a smooth transition to the Mobile Communication Platform (MCP) during phase two.

Shelly Hendee, GMP’s Project Manager remarked, “The detailed focus of both the GMP and Origin team from the start of the upgrade effort, through testing, and then on to production rollout resulted in a flawless go live weekend”.

Upgrading to MWM v2.3 enables a host of benefits for GMP.  The utility will better manage their field work and crews due to enhanced scheduling, alerts, and measurement functionality.  In addition, technology enhancements such as JavaScript and HTML5 in v2.3 allow GMP to better maximize their investment in the MWM solution. 


Mark Black
Origin at CS Week - May 22 - 25, 2017

Come meet our team at booth #920 and learn how Utilities are driving field workforce efficiency with MobileLite.  Sign up for a demo during CS Week and you will be entered in a drawing for a free solution license!

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Origin and GMP roll out new Oracle ODM Features & Functions

Origin recently completed a project with Green Mountain Power in Burlington, VT to further leverage the capabilities of ODM and add efficiencies to GMP’s device management practices.  Origin worked with GMP on enhancements to enable  the meter services team to eliminate historically manual, paper laden activities related to meter field tests. Also, integrations were enhanced between CCB, MWM, and ODM that resulted in the elimination of duplicate entry in systems by the meter services team members. End-result creating more accurate, reliable data across the solutions.

GMP is the first utility to go live with Oracle’s Operational Device Management (ODM) software in mid-2015. Like most early adopters, GMP accept limited functionality for the short-term, knowing that later versions will include functionality to help define, and frankly demand, to increase efficiencies and savings.  Some organizations, especially innovative utilities like GMP, need to expand software like ODM further and faster than product development company release cycles allow.  Along with implementing ODM for GMP, Origin Consulting, LLC has also continued to support, upgrade and enhance the product to meet GMP’s high standards for efficient work practices and quality data management. 

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Origin Leads Orlando Utilities Commission to New Bill & Printing Solution

Over the last ten years, Origin Consulting and Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) have developed and maintained a partnership built on shared success. This past weekend marked another significant accomplishment with the delivery of a newly re-designed bill and printing solution. As part of a massive technology modernization effort, OUC and Origin worked together to deliver a new bill  that is easier to read and offers a more in-depth view of electric and water usage, giving OUC’s customers more control. The project started in September of 2016 and went live this weekend March 5th, 2017. Origin helped lead the effort by working on behalf of OUC ensuring key tasks were organized and scheduled and all parties were supported throughout the process.

"We thank Origin for being an instrumental part of the team that made this happen!  OUC's bill print projects are a huge success,"  said Maggie Dugue, Vice-President, Customer Service.

Major team accomplishments included:

  • Leading a total bill re-design of over 25 bill types   
  • Mapping of new bills to the PSERM bill print extract
  • Creating additional extract logic to ensure data is passed to the bill extract and supplementary files
  • Updating eBills to accommodate the new design
  • Working with the new bill print vendor and OUC Customer Service and Marketing to ensure the bills were being printed correctly
  • Updating the OUC website to leverage a new bill repository
  • Conducting a conversion of the bill history for 5 years of historical bill images
  • Creating easy to maintain documentation of the bill mapping and bill print rules for easy of long term support and future bill enhancements
  • Coordinating all aspects of QA, UAT, and parallel testing
  • Managing a complex cutover to the new bill printing, a new bill exception handling process, web site upgrades, and new eBill notifications
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Origin & TEP Celebrate Five Year CC&B Support Anniversary

February 28th marked the five-year anniversary that Origin Consulting has provided CC&B support on-site at Tucson Electric Power (TEP).  In 2012, Origin joined TEP onsite, as a partner with Cognizant, to provide CC&B support to TEP business and information technology resources.  “It has been an enriching experience developing relationships with business users from different departments of the TEP organization and playing a role in improving their operations and achieving their goals. We are all very much looking forward to what else we can accomplish together in the years to come,” said Roberto Tan, Origin’s Service Director working onsite with TEP. 

Origin’s long-term presence and engagement with TEP enables a much deeper relationship where the collective team can set goals over years and measure accomplishments against those goals. The TEP team has been able to establish processes and standards that do not dissipate after a project completes; they are enforced consistently to the point it has become part of the culture.

“Tucson Electric Power recently celebrated the 5th year anniversary of our partnership with Cognizant and Origin.  Through this partnership, TEP has staffed and completed many more IT projects than would have been possible prior to our partnership with these firms.  Cognizant and Origin have helped our IT department become a valued and trusted partner within TEP's business”, said Wendy Greess, Manager, IT Customer Operations.

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