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Origin Consulting Leads Modesto Irrigation District to Successful GoLive of Oracle Utilities Suite

Modesto Irrigation District (MID), a provider of electric, irrigation, and water treatment services in California’s Central Valley, completed a successful launch of Oracle’s Utilities software as well as Origin Consulting’s MobileLite solution on September 5, 2017.  

The ‘Connect’ project, led by Origin Consulting, included:

  • Implementation of Oracle’s CC&B v2.5, MDM v2.1, and CSS v2.1 - Through the use of Oracle’s solution, MID has been able to deliver an enhanced billing system in addition to other key features and functions.  
  • Origin’s MobileLite solution - MobileLite establishes real-time connectivity via CC&B to the field, provides offline functionality, and supports either stand-alone electronic order management or a combination of paper/electronic work orders.

Origin Consulting has partnered with MID to provide ongoing support through 2018.

For additional information on Origin Consulting’s MobileLite solution, please email mobileLite@originconsults.com

Mark Black