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Oracle Utilities User Group Conference – Origin shares stage with Tucson Electric to discuss CC&B success story

Origin Consulting joined Tucson Electric (TEP) Business Management to present the successful outcomes from TEP’s recently completed Credit & Collections project.  TEP undertook a series of specific CC&B and process initiatives to re-engineer and streamline several long-standing process challenges within Credit & Collections.

Roberto Tan, an Origin CC&B Architect working with TEP, accompanied by Brian Bub, Customer Service Manager, and Kevin Rhea, Customer Care - Supervisor (Credit & Remittance), from Tucson Electric, presented at OUUG.

Tucson Electric sought to overhaul the Credit & Collection processes and activities in CC&B to improve effectiveness.  ‘Doing more with less’ was the team’s objective; driving to use existing resources more efficiently, reduce write-offs, and alter customer behavior. The effort involved changes in Collection and Severance activities in CC&B, the automated outbound call campaigns, changes to the letter templates for both electronic and paper communications.

TEP realized these measurable gains...

  • A significant reduction in company mailings by nearly a million annually with a rather large hard dollar savings.
  • Optimizing C&C paths to enable a significant reduction in the number of collection processes and severance processes.
  • Stemming the deluge of field activities being generated by CC&B that inundated TEP’s field services.
  • Significant increases in Credit & Collection field activities completion rates.
  • Increasing average debt associated to C&C field activities being worked was increased by 50% on average across all service areas. In the largest service area, the average debt associated to worked field activities was increased by 100%.
Mark Black