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Origin Leads Orlando Utilities Commission to New Bill & Printing Solution

Over the last ten years, Origin Consulting and Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) have developed and maintained a partnership built on shared success. This past weekend marked another significant accomplishment with the delivery of a newly re-designed bill and printing solution. As part of a massive technology modernization effort, OUC and Origin worked together to deliver a new bill  that is easier to read and offers a more in-depth view of electric and water usage, giving OUC’s customers more control. The project started in September of 2016 and went live this weekend March 5th, 2017. Origin helped lead the effort by working on behalf of OUC ensuring key tasks were organized and scheduled and all parties were supported throughout the process.

"We thank Origin for being an instrumental part of the team that made this happen!  OUC's bill print projects are a huge success,"  said Maggie Dugue, Vice-President, Customer Service.

Major team accomplishments included:

  • Leading a total bill re-design of over 25 bill types   
  • Mapping of new bills to the PSERM bill print extract
  • Creating additional extract logic to ensure data is passed to the bill extract and supplementary files
  • Updating eBills to accommodate the new design
  • Working with the new bill print vendor and OUC Customer Service and Marketing to ensure the bills were being printed correctly
  • Updating the OUC website to leverage a new bill repository
  • Conducting a conversion of the bill history for 5 years of historical bill images
  • Creating easy to maintain documentation of the bill mapping and bill print rules for easy of long term support and future bill enhancements
  • Coordinating all aspects of QA, UAT, and parallel testing
  • Managing a complex cutover to the new bill printing, a new bill exception handling process, web site upgrades, and new eBill notifications
Mark Black