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Origin and GMP roll out new Oracle ODM Features & Functions

Origin recently completed a project with Green Mountain Power in Burlington, VT to further leverage the capabilities of ODM and add efficiencies to GMP’s device management practices.  Origin worked with GMP on enhancements to enable  the meter services team to eliminate historically manual, paper laden activities related to meter field tests. Also, integrations were enhanced between CCB, MWM, and ODM that resulted in the elimination of duplicate entry in systems by the meter services team members. End-result creating more accurate, reliable data across the solutions.

GMP is the first utility to go live with Oracle’s Operational Device Management (ODM) software in mid-2015. Like most early adopters, GMP accept limited functionality for the short-term, knowing that later versions will include functionality to help define, and frankly demand, to increase efficiencies and savings.  Some organizations, especially innovative utilities like GMP, need to expand software like ODM further and faster than product development company release cycles allow.  Along with implementing ODM for GMP, Origin Consulting, LLC has also continued to support, upgrade and enhance the product to meet GMP’s high standards for efficient work practices and quality data management. 

Mark Black