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Origin Plays Major Role in OUC’s Migration from PSERM to CC&B 2.5

OUC took advantage of the long weekend during July 4th to convert their production CIS from PeopleSoft ERM to CC&B v2.5.  In conjunction with CC&B, OUC brought forward their version of Oracle MDM to v2.1.  Origin will remain in support mode with the new production systems for the next 60 days, officially continuing in the role of Managed Services on September 1, 2017.

Origin Consulting supported OUC’s business and technical teams in many ways over the last several years as this project progressed. As many as 12 professionals from our firm were engaged at Go-Live.   Below are a few of the areas where Origin contributed to OUC’s successful cutover.

1.          OUCCS (implementing about 20 new API’s)

2.          Report Development

3.          Chilled Water Enhancements

4.          Attachment Solutions

5.          MDM: Solutions, Configuration, and Business Process

6.          CC&B: Solutions, Configuration, and Business Process

7.          UAT Testing guidance

8.          Parallel Billing Testing guidance

9.          Bill Print re-design (for the legacy PeopleSoft ERM)

10.        Bill Print (for CCB 2.5)

OUC executives characterized Origin’s team as wise, experienced, involved and courteous…. great attributes of a great team.


Mark Black