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Spire Energy partners with Origin Consulting in Oracle Utilities Customer Care & Billing 2.6 Upgrade

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In June of 2018, Spire Energy continued their long-standing partnership with Origin Consulting and the team kicked off an upgrade of Oracle Utilities Customer Care & Billing (CC&B) 2.4 to version 2.6.  The project scope consisted of implementing a new SSN tokenization integration and rearchitecting Spire’s Field Activity processing within CC&B. The project went live successfully in April of 2019. 

Due to the deprecation of MPL in CC&B 2.6, the Origin team redesigned and developed a new Field Activity (FA) solution for Spire’s online and batch FA processing.  Spire’s FA processing includes high volumes of transactions and multiple 3rd party touch points. Some of the FA processing drives the creation of customer appointments so it was critical to achieve a solution that reduced overall processing times. The final solution that was deployed in Production reduced the processing interval for appointments from minutes to seconds. 

Amy Birrell, Director of Customer Care and Field Applications at Spire Energy, commented, “I thought the upgrade went smoothly, Origin and Spire worked collaboratively to ensure all goals and objectives of the project were met.”

Mark Black