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Origin & TEP Celebrate Five Year CC&B Support Anniversary

February 28th marked the five-year anniversary that Origin Consulting has provided CC&B support on-site at Tucson Electric Power (TEP).  In 2012, Origin joined TEP onsite, as a partner with Cognizant, to provide CC&B support to TEP business and information technology resources.  “It has been an enriching experience developing relationships with business users from different departments of the TEP organization and playing a role in improving their operations and achieving their goals. We are all very much looking forward to what else we can accomplish together in the years to come,” said Roberto Tan, Origin’s Service Director working onsite with TEP. 

Origin’s long-term presence and engagement with TEP enables a much deeper relationship where the collective team can set goals over years and measure accomplishments against those goals. The TEP team has been able to establish processes and standards that do not dissipate after a project completes; they are enforced consistently to the point it has become part of the culture.

“Tucson Electric Power recently celebrated the 5th year anniversary of our partnership with Cognizant and Origin.  Through this partnership, TEP has staffed and completed many more IT projects than would have been possible prior to our partnership with these firms.  Cognizant and Origin have helped our IT department become a valued and trusted partner within TEP's business”, said Wendy Greess, Manager, IT Customer Operations.

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Oracle Utilities User Group Conference – Origin shares stage with Tucson Electric to discuss CC&B success story

Origin Consulting joined Tucson Electric (TEP) Business Management to present the successful outcomes from TEP’s recently completed Credit & Collections project.  TEP undertook a series of specific CC&B and process initiatives to re-engineer and streamline several long-standing process challenges within Credit & Collections.

Roberto Tan, an Origin CC&B Architect working with TEP, accompanied by Brian Bub, Customer Service Manager, and Kevin Rhea, Customer Care - Supervisor (Credit & Remittance), from Tucson Electric, presented at OUUG.

Tucson Electric sought to overhaul the Credit & Collection processes and activities in CC&B to improve effectiveness.  ‘Doing more with less’ was the team’s objective; driving to use existing resources more efficiently, reduce write-offs, and alter customer behavior. The effort involved changes in Collection and Severance activities in CC&B, the automated outbound call campaigns, changes to the letter templates for both electronic and paper communications.

TEP realized these measurable gains...

  • A significant reduction in company mailings by nearly a million annually with a rather large hard dollar savings.
  • Optimizing C&C paths to enable a significant reduction in the number of collection processes and severance processes.
  • Stemming the deluge of field activities being generated by CC&B that inundated TEP’s field services.
  • Significant increases in Credit & Collection field activities completion rates.
  • Increasing average debt associated to C&C field activities being worked was increased by 50% on average across all service areas. In the largest service area, the average debt associated to worked field activities was increased by 100%.
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Smooth, Successful CC&B Upgrade at Miami-Dade Water and Sewer

Miami-Dade Water and Sewer, along with resources from Origin’s business and technical teams, successfully completed their upgrade of CC&B from v2.3 to v2.4.  The four-month upgrade project started mid-September 2016 and completed smoothly this past weekend, January 20th 2017. 

Coinciding with the billing system upgrade, the joint team installed a patch to eliminate the CC&B Multi-Purpose Listener from Field Work process integration. In order to improve performance and reliability of the solution, CC&B and MWM were deployed to WebLogic Coherence Clustered domains as part of the technology upgrade.

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Origin Consulting – Platinum Sponsor at Oracle Utilities Edge Customer Conference

Oracle Consulting, LLC is proud to once again sponsor the Oracle Utilities Edge Customer Conference Product Forum, located in Phoenix, AZ, Feb 13-14 at the Platinum level.   It is a unique opportunity, for both Origin and their customers to be able to see what the Oracle Product Managers and Developers are planning for each of the products.   

Along with the Edge, Origin is a Presenting Sponsor for the Oracle Utilities Users Group OUUG Conference, Feb 14 -16, co-located at the Hilton Squaw Peak, Phoenix AZ.  Origin, the 2016 OUUG Pacesetter Partner, a distinction awarded each year by the user community, values the experiences, conversations and presentations with and by the Users that this conference offers.  “To be one on one with the user community allows us to better prepare for the changing utility landscape, so we can continue to meet and exceed our client needs,” said Scott Shirley, President of Origin Consulting.

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Scott Shirley is named President of Origin Consulting

Scott Shirley, a veteran in utilities focused professional services, was promoted to President of Origin Consulting this morning.  "Scott has been with our firm for just over two years and has proven his capabilities to the team," said Mark L. Black, founder of Origin.  "Scott has served Origin as the Vice-President of Consulting since he joined in October of 2014. Our clients have grown to trust Scott's word which is the essence of any services business.  We are lucky to have him accept this key leadership position in our growing company."

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Origin completes successful CC&B upgrade at Spire Energy – v2.3.1 to v2.4

This past weekend, Origin stood at Spire Energy’s side as they deployed their upgrade to CC&B 2.4.  Part of the upgrade scope included Origin executing the conversion of nearly 100 custom COBOL programs to Java and 52 XAI services to IWS.  Despite a few hiccups in the early hours of deployment, the quality of work and levels of expertise applied to the upgrade paid off in assuring a successful, stable deployment.

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Origin deploys CC&B 2.4 New Rate Engine at UNS Energy.

Last week was an important milestone for Unisource Energy Services (UES, a subsidiary of UNS Energy along with TEP) Rate Case Project. Representing the end a yearlong project, UES slowly transitioned customers to new rates on CC&B’s enhanced rate engine with no production issues or customer complaints.

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Success Story: Tucson Electric Power CC&B 2.4 Upgrade

Utilities are faced with a rapidly changing industry and increasing expectations from their customers. Adapting to these factors requires a mature, flexible, and highly-scalable customer information system, designed to improve customer service and enhance financial performance. Oracle today announced that Tucson Electric Power (TEP) -- which delivers safe, reliable power to more than 414,000 customers in the Tucson metropolitan area -- upgraded its customer information system in its commitment to provide superior customer service. 

By working with Cognizant and Origin Consulting to upgrade to Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing 2.4 Service Pack Two, TEP is able to further leverage its existing Oracle investment as well as ensure compatibility with its enterprise software, including its meter data management system -- ultimately enabling the utility to save money and provide enhanced customer service.

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwired - Apr 13, 2016)

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Origin Wins 2016 OUUG Pacesetter Partner Award

Origin Consulting LLC (Origin) has been recognized with distinction by the Oracle Utilities Users Group community at the recent 7th Annual OUUG 2016 users group conference in Phoenix, AZ.

As an Oracle Platinum partner and a long-time supporter of this independent utility users group, Origin was awarded the 2016 OUUG Partner Pacesetter Award for outstanding contributions made to both their utility customers’ success and to this “for-users, by-users” grassroots industry event. This inaugural award honors those partners who demonstrate innovation and unparalleled success in the deployment of Oracle enterprise applications as nominated and voted upon by OUUG delegates worldwide.

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Green Mountain Power Partners with Origin Consulting to Implement Oracle Utilities Operational Device Management

Origin Consulting LLC, is pleased to announce the go-live of Oracle Utilities Operational Device Management at Green Mountain Power (GMP). Oracle Utilities Operational Device Management, selected in February 2014, provides inventory, asset and configuration management of smart grid devices. It provides operational knowledge of each device’s location, characteristics, firmware updates, configuration management, scheduled activities and audit compliance. GMP, a cutting-edge power utility serving 250,000 customers throughout Vermont, will use this product to initially manage current and voltage transformers, AMI meters, non-AMI meters and customer-leased heat pumps.

Green Mountain Power is pleased to utilize the capabilities that Oracle Utilities Operational Device Management provides and comments, “We strongly believe Oracle Utilities Operational Device Management has the capabilities to help us address several short- and long-term challenges that required a well-thought out approach. With 21 inventory stockrooms, we needed a better way to manage our meter inventory. Heat pump warrantee compliance required proof of annual inspections. As our smart devices expanded, we needed a better way to communicate with them and manage firmware. To ensure a successful implementation of a new solution, we carefully managed our initial scope, and chose Origin to provide guidance and get the job done.”

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Origin Delivers Implementation of Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management Version at ENSTAR

Origin Consulting LLC announced today that they have delivered the implementation of Oracle Utilities Mobile Workforce Management (MWM) version at ENSTAR, a regulated public utility that delivers natural gas to approximately 137,000 customers in south-central Alaska.

The latest version of the solution, which provides a real-time, end-to-end enterprise solution for managing field work, will enable ENSTAR to achieve maximum visibility, control, and performance of field resources. Through a productized integration with Oracle Utilities Customer Care and Billing (CC&B), ENSTAR now has real-time updates detailing the progress of field work through the completion of service orders.

According to John Sims, ENSTAR’s Director of Business Development, “We were excited about the new out-of-the-box functionality, but also wanted customizations that would bring back components from earlier versions that were not included in version 2.2. Origin implemented the solution, along with delivering those customizations. We were very happy with the work they did.”

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