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Origin Services

Origin's service model depends on a consistent, steady focus on three very important components of what we offer to our clients; people, process, and technology. 


At the heart of any solution, or business, are its people. Origin leverages a rigorous recruiting and hiring process to ensure that its consultants not only have the requisite industry and product expertise, but that they also fit within Origin’s culture and maintain a high moral character. The majority of the team has double-digit years of experience either in Industry or with the software products Origin supports. It’s this level of experience that helps our team relate to you and yours. While every Utility’s challenges are unique in some way, chances are our team has seen and solved for many just like the ones you are facing.


With over ten (10) years of experience as a company, and double-digit implementations; Origin has refined, and optimized its onPoint implementation methodology to deliver consistent and predictable results. Origin has a proven track record of successful and referenceable projects to help ensure on-time and on-budget delivery that exceeds quality expectations for our clients. To execute this methodology, Origin’s Delivery teams includes some of the most recognized Utility Industry veterans, Software company leaders, and seasoned Professional Services personnel in the business. This team brings years of tried and true practical experience to advise, lead, and deliver multi-product solutions that operate in a cohesive integrated fashion.


The Oracle Utilities Application Suite forms the technical foundation for Origin solutions. Origin maintains a complete solution lab to stay current on the latest Oracle Utilities applications and technologies. This lab plays a vital role in maintaining our high level of employee product certification as well as providing teams in the field a tool to model and vet potential solutions for clients. In addition to enablement and delivery activities, Origin utilizes the lab as a proving ground for accelerators and assets that we build to extend and compliment the base Oracle products.