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Software & Service Solutions

Software & Service Solutions

Origin’s Software & Service Solutions are pre-designed, built, and ready to deliver assets to help clients optimize their investment in the Oracle Utilities products and achieve positive ROI (many achieve a net positive benefit within less than one year).  These assets reflect our efforts in the industry to promote operational efficiency at all levels and a commitment to constantly explore ways to help clients realize benefit. In many cases, our services combined with these assets can yield significant, unique, proprietary, and measurable benefits to our clients.

MobileLite - A native mobile app combines with extensions to CC&B that greatly streamlines the field activity dispatching process and removes the headaches of paper orders. See Video.

SmartAct - An automatic routing of smart meter field activities between CC&B and MDM.  Meters may be connected, disconnected and read without any backoffice intervention.

onTrack - A set of revenue analytics that checks the pulse of your financial meter-to-cash flow. onTrack identifies revenue roadblocks.

MonArch- A targeted rules-based solution to your CC&B and MDM data archiving needs.

DataVergence - A business-layer representation of your CIS data used to streamline the data conversion process.

Our resources are Oracle Certified

  • CC&B Implementation Specialists
  • MDM Implementation Specialists
  • MWM Implementation Specialists
  • Oracle Forms Developers
  • Java Developers
  • Certified Oracle Database Developers
  • Product Support Assessment
  • Oracle/Sun Web Component Developer